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Lockyer's Middle School

Year 8


The Year 8 Food Curriculum focuses on the ability to cook a global dish.  Many international dishes are included, and pupils quickly learn high level skills, such as: handling raw meat, seasoning and multi-tasking. Theory work is based around global issues regarding food distribution, the environmental impact of growing/farming methods and ethics such as Fairtrade. The pupils’ confidence levels rise to be able to cook independently and adapt recipes to suit their family’s needs.  Following demonstrations, pupils cook a range of products, all recipes, pictorial versions, and video demonstrations are available on this platform to pre-prepare and even carry out test runs to practise their skills at home. A GCSE style independent project gives pupils a chance to plan and provide a 3-course meal for a particular consumer group (students) with opportunities for extension tasks built in.  All products are self-assessed, and teacher assessed against success criteria.  Each class identifies a Star Chef per product, who receives an accolade on Epraise!