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Lockyer's Middle School

Year 7

Spring Term 2020

In the spring term, Year 7 were learning about art from different cultures.  Continuing with that theme, they have learnt about African art with a particular focus on the elements of pattern and tone.  Here's a selection of their patterned African masks and African tonal mask drawings.  It's great to see them utilising resources at home; digital art seems to be becoming very more popular!


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Autumn Term 2019

This term in art, Year 7 have been learning about the link between plastic oceans and art.  They have developed a real understanding of our plastic pollution crisis and learnt some statistics on how this is seriously impacting and harming our oceans.

Pupils started the project by developing their observational drawing skills of sea creatures, focusing on the formal elements of art.  They then begun using different painting media, while also looking at the work of the artist J. Vincent Scarpace.  Pupils practised their colour mixing skills and began to explore the painting techniques of blending and layering as well as dabbing and using dashes to create textures.  They practised using watercolours to blend colours and experimented with using more or less water and paint to create lighter and darker shades.

They then looked at the work of Katsushika Hokusai, the Japanese artist famous for creating 'The Great Wave' in the 1800's.  We then explored a modern day version created by American scientist and researcher, Bonnie Monteleone, made up of plastic waste taken from the garbage patches in the Pacific Ocean.  Pupils were also introduced to the work of John Dahlsen, who is an environmental artist that creates works from found and discarded materials washed up on Australian beaches.

Pupils had to create designs which met the following criteria:

  • contains a sea creature
  • contains a link to Hokusai's Great Wave
  • contains a link to plastic pollution
  • has an environmental message.

They did a fantastic job, all producing work which demonstrated the ability to make work individual and unique, despite all having the same design brief.