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Lockyer's Middle School

Design and Technology

Our Vision for Design and Technology at Lockyer's Middle School

Through Design and Technology at Lockyer’s Middle School we aim to develop children's skills and knowledge of design in order to help them become independent designers and makers. In line with the school's values of Endeavour, Curiosity and Problem-Solving, children will be taught how to effectively approach a design problem and how to develop a solution within Product Design, Textiles and Food Technology. Children will develop skills in the communication of ideas through the use of hand sketches, 3D modelling and Computer Aided Design. They will see their own ideas realised as final products. From Year 5 onwards, children are taught practical skills that develop them into independent makers. They use a range of hand tools, machine tools and Computer Aided Design to create finished products that enable them to work with a range of materials and ingredients. Each year, our curriculum will build on previously learnt practical skills as well as introducing new ones. This will enable the children at Lockyer’s Middle School to leave at the end of Year 8 having experienced a wide range practical techniques. This practical experience will provide children at Lockyer’s Middle School with the knowledge and skill required to flourish in Design and Technology at KS4.

How Design and Technology links to other Subjects at our School

Cross curricular links between Design and Technology and other subjects are wide-ranging. Through Product Design, children are encouraged to focus on accuracy and their use of Maths in order to calculate material dimensions and material wastage.  Sustainability is a key focus of a number of our Textiles units and the children develop their knowledge of environmentally sustainable design through the research and making of products that reduce pollution, thus creating clear links with Geography. Food Technology has a strong emphasis on personal health and the importance of how healthy eating can impact on well-being. Children are provided with opportunities to research and develop food dishes that build their understanding of healthy eating and allergies.

The links between Design and Technology and other subjects emphasise the importance of using knowledge from a wide range of sources to help create successful designs.

How you can help with Design and Technology at home

If you wish to support your child at home to find out more about the topics studied in Design and Technology, then the following websites can be useful to provide some extra knowledge: 

Curious to look a little further ahead?

Both QE and Corfe Hills study the AQA syllabus and support can be found here as pupils start to investigate GCSE Design and Technology -