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Our Vision for Art at Lockyer's Middle School

Art lessons at Lockyer’s Middle School aim to equip children with the ideas, skills, techniques and knowledge needed to make individual choices and become successful artists.  Children will be given opportunities to build upon previously learnt skills and retrieve previously learnt knowledge to become life-long learners in Art.  We want children to learn to: make their own choices by working independently; work collaboratively; take creative risks; communicate their ideas, and respond to the world around them through drawing, painting, printing, collaging and making sculptures. 

At Lockyer’s, children learn about, and from, some of the great, famous artists from the past, as well as contemporary artists from today, taking inspiration for creating their own individual outcomes.  When learning about artists, children will be exposed to a range of both male and female artists as well as artists from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds.

How Art links to other Subjects at our School

Within art lessons, pupils are exposed to multiple links to other areas of the curriculum.  Some projects make direct links to children's learning in geography to provide context and embed children's understanding; these links also help to trigger ideas and children's imagination. 

Children are provided opportunities to apply English skills by recording initial ideas, writing about artists and reflecting on and evaluating their work.  Mathematical language is used regularly, particularly when learning about shape, form, pattern, scale and perspective.

Being a Rights Respecting School is crucial in the Art department as lessons enable children to become reflective learners, value other people’s ideas and responses, be respectful of others and their work and appreciate different opinions.  Children are given vital opportunities to develop independence and individuality as they express themselves through the creation of their work.

How you can help with Art at Home

If you wish to support your child at home to find out more about the topics or skills studied in Art, then the following websites can be useful to provide some extra knowledge.  Making visits to art galleries can also be a worthwhile, enriching way for children to develop appreciation for the arts and to inspire ideas.

BBC Bitesize:

Google Arts and Culture -

Artyfactory - good for art history knowledge -

Artsology - art games and investigations -

Tate Kids -

Youtube Channel - The Art of Teaching Art -

Curious to look a little further ahead? 

Both QE and Corfe Hills study the AQA syllabus and support can be found here as children start to investigate GCSE Art and Design: