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Lockyer's Middle School

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  • 19/03/20

    Learning At Home

    Please click here to view our Independent Learning Documents.
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  • 13/07/20

    Student Newsletter 6

    We are very excited to launch the 6th edition of our Student Newsletter.
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  • 07/07/20

    Summer Reading Challenge 2020

    We are excited to announce the details of this year's Summer Reading Challenge!      
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  • 06/07/20

    Millionaire Readers

    Congratulations to Will, Emmeline, Bethany, Alex, Eden, Ben and Hafsa who have all become millionaire readers! Matthew, Meghan, Ethan and Matthew have now read 2 million words, Miles has read 3 million and Hana has read 4 million! Well done to all of you.
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  • 30/06/20

    Student Newsletter - 5th Edition

    The fifth edition of our Student Newsletter is now available!
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  • 22/06/20

    Newsletter 22nd June 2020

    Please see below our latest newsletter.      
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  • 16/06/20

    Student Newsletter 4

    We're very excited to release the latest edition of our Student Newsletter.  
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  • 09/06/20

    An Update from Mrs Evans

    Mrs Evans updates us on the progress of her quails!      
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  • 05/06/20

    A Thank You Message from Mrs Seddon

    Mrs Seddon wanted to say hello to everyone at Lockyer's, and an especially big thank you to 5IS!      
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  • 05/06/20

    Student Newsletter Edition 3

    We are really proud and excited to share with you the 3rd edition of our Student Newsletter.  
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  • 01/06/20

    A message from everyone at Wimborne Academy Trust

    To all our parents and carers, thank you so much for your support, assistance and patience during this unprecedented crisis. Please find a link here to a short video that captures some of the wonderful things our pupils have been up to. We now move into the next phase of the gradual r...
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  • 28/05/20

    Ms Locke shares a smile

    Ms Locke, and her colleagues, wanted to share a smile with you all.      
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